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【BIS SHARE】Meeting Room by the Hour



Are you looking for a meeting space by the hour in Tokyo?


We, Office Navi, have a rental meeting space by the hour for you!

It is able to use for various ways, for instance, meeting, seminar, OJT and recruitment!

That’s in excellent location and affordable price.

We have some of multilingual staff (English / Chinese) so you don’t need to worry about language.





Location : Tokyo, Shibuya 2-19-20, Shibuya ward,  Navi Shibuya Ⅳ 4F

                   It is located near Shibuya Station (it takes only 5 minutes by walk.)

Capacity : up to 24 pax

Price :  2,000 yen /30mins (without tax)

Equipments : Free WiFi, Presentation tools ( screen, microphone, whiteboard, markers and projector if needed)




The symbol of BIZ SHARE images shaking hands, meaning “connection with people.” Furthermore, it keeps the balance with the golden ratio. The diamond-shaped silhouette has a meaning of the value which is made from the connection.



If you are interested in this meeting space, feel free to contact us !!!