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The Office with All Furniture Called “Inuki” (居抜き) in Japan


What is the most important thing when you are looking for the office space?


A lot of people says like that ,,,

“I just need the space for my start-up business!!”

“I want to keep the initial expenses as low as possible!!”

“I want to jump in the office and to start business as soon as possible!!”


If these are applicable to you, Inuki (居抜き) that is an office room in which the previous tenant left things behind with all its furnishings would fit you. Usually in Japan, the office space is for rent without furniture and the interior finishing is often required. It can’t be helped to take time to prepare the launch of the business if you rent the standard type of office.  


[the standard office for rent in Japan]


Inuki (居抜き), in Japan, means that the space for rent with facilities, furnishings and furniture. Because the previous tenant left things behind, it is able to keep the initial cost by using all facilities that already set there and to begin the business as soon as possible. It would be great advantages for your business.




A recommended Inuki office is for rent now in Akasaka (赤坂) area.

The atmosphere of the building’s own is attractive, isn’t it?

It is unified in white and the high ceiling makes the space more spacious.


The size of the office is about 50 tsubo that is over 160 sq.m. so 15 to 20 people would fit here.

A meeting room is already set so it is able to welcome visitors or have a discussion with your co-wokers anytime.



If you’re interested in Inuki office, we love to help you !!!