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Stylish Shared Office with Greenery in Tokyo

If you are considering the establishment of a company or you have started your business by yourself,

this office space would just fit you!!

The size of working space is from 15 sqm to 30-ish sqm that is suitable for start-up business.



(The photo of left side is a mockup workspace so the furniture is not included in the contract.)


This shared office has a lounge space, four meeting rooms and a terrace. There is a reception desk and it offers a concierge service. If you don’t register your office yet, it is possible to get registered there.


The lush greenery and stylish furniture make the space more sophisticated. The green plants that are always in a good condition are taken care by florists.


  { Lounge Space }



{ Reception }                                                                                   {Corridor}


{ Meeting Room }

There are several meeting rooms so it is able to use for for your company and for your visitors.


This office space is located in Mita (三田), Minato ward (港区)  that is one of the center of business area. Many headquarters, foreign corporations and embassies are located in this area. It is often said that this area is probably the most international in Japan.


It is quite good access for transportation. You would be able to use 3 stations and 5 lines!

Tamachi Sta. (8 mins by walk) → JR Yamanote line / JR Keihin-Tohoku line

Akabanebashi Sta. (8 mins by walk) → Toei subway Oedo line

Mita Sta. (5 mins by walk) → Toei subway Asakusa line / Toei subway Mita line



Check the page below ↓↓↓ You can see around the shared office even in your room!