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A Newly Built Shared Office in Yoyogi, Shibuya ward

Only one week left for this year. How was this year for you?

Real winter has come to Japan. The air in Tokyo is so dry.  There has been a dry air advisory announced for the last few days. If you are in Tokyo , please be careful with fire. On the other hand, in mountain areas and the Japan Sea side, it has a lot of snow.

And the holiday season is coming soon! Many office building put up the Christmas tree at their entrance hall. It is fun just to see those in this season, isn’t it?

A shared office in Yoyogi (代々木), Shibuya ward is completed on this December 2017.

It has three types for rent that is called shared room, co-working space and serviced office.


【Shared room】

It is able to rent a specified desk with an individual locker.

Fixed IP phone and registration of corporation is available.



【Co-working space】

It is the cheapest plan in those three types.

You would be able to choose your desk depending on how you feel at the time (that is free-address.)

【Serviced office】

Over 100 private rooms for 1 person to 12 people is for rent. The space has various sizes from 3 sqm to 33 sqm.It is able to choose the size flexibly according as business scale.

The air conditioner is capable of performing individual temperature control, which is rare in Shared offices.




Common spaces that are like meeting rooms, phone booth and smoking space are all clean and convenient.

This Shared office building has even a kitchen space and shower booths!





It would be suited to various kind of business!

If you are interested in it, feel free to contact us.