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Featured Area for Your Office Space 【Kanda】

【Finding JAPAN ③】


Are you thinking about relocation of your office near Tokyo station?

Here is a recommended area for you!


The place, which is Kanda (神田), Chiyoda ward, is a district of Tokyo, northeast of the Tokyo Imperial Palace.

Even though it is able to go to Tokyo station at least in 10 minutes in this Kanda area, the renting fee is generally cheaper than Marunouchi (丸の内), Otemachi (大手町) that are areas having lots of skyscrapers.


The district has variety of aspects, such as the musical instrument area(Ochanomizu)(御茶ノ水), the book area (Jimbocho)(神保町) and the famous electronics and anime mecca (Akihabara)(秋葉原).

It means that this area is comfortable for any kinds of business.





These are large-scale buildings located in Kanda area.

There is not just large-scale building but also medium and small-scale one around Kanda, so you would be able to find the office space that you want to rent.

Speaking of Japanese culture, a large shrine called Kanda Myojin is famous for its Kanda Festival, one of the most important festivals in Tokyo. Also, There are some old famous Japanese Soba noodle and sushi restaurants around Kanada. That’s why you would be able to enjoy real Japanese culture there around a year.

If you are interested in this area, feel free to contact us!

Office navi is also located Kanda !