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Featured Area for Your Office Space 【Marunouchi】

【Finding JAPAN ①️】

We would love to know you about Japan through its geography, culture and history.

Let me kick off this column with one of the most important area for Japanese business.

The place is Marunouchi (丸の内), Chiyoda ward. It is located between Imperial Palace and Tokyo station and it becomes a center of finance and business in Japan.

A number of major companies (both of foreign and domestic) has their office space here. It is estimated that there are 4,000 companies and over two hundred thousand workers.

   画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:高層ビル、空、雲、屋外   画像に含まれている可能性があるもの:高層ビル、空、木、屋外


There used to be many houses for feudal lords called Daimyo(大名) that served for tycoon in the Edo period. After that, it evolved as an important business area with modernization. For those reasons, there are some buildings that built in the end of 19th century. (still used for the office place!)


↑ This building built in 1934 is designated as a cultural asset of national importance!


Marunouchi is the place that the old and new comes together and keeps developing right now.


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