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Large-scale Office in Shibuya with Open Atmosphere

[ Part one ] Large-scale office in Shibuya is public now!


An office with open atmosphere with gentle colored flooring with kitchen counter.

Luxurious space development is, seems to be helpful to companies that have a desire to stick to interior. It’s valuable information that we would like to tell those who think about relocation or those who are still ahead.

This is the office landscape incoming bright light with big window behind.

It is calm as a whole, and it is an atmosphere that is easy to concentrate on your work.

A small work space provided on the pillar is convenient.


Two long tables and several desks. This is spacious layout so of course it still can put more furniture.

There is a space which imaged cafe in the back of the right hand. Feeling like to touch the PC with coffee here.

Because it is over 100 tsubo (about 330 square meters), it could create small rooms with different atmosphere.

It seems that you can concentrate much more, with lighting dropped the brightness just a little bit.

You may refresh it and use it as a meeting room.

This is the recommended point kitchen counter.

There is also a large fridge so you can store your favorite drink.

Can you imagine the time you spend here like talking with your co-workers across the counter or toasting after work?


There is also a relaxing space with a stylish chair and a sofa, so it is a perfect layout for breathing after concentration.

Moveable furniture such as table and desk, chair etc. will be carried out.


It is a “miracle” that this kind of stylish and large-scale office that makes it much more enjoyable to work is for rent right now. It is already able to see inside! Feel free to contact us anytime!

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(By the way, in this building there is another floor which we can introduce you.)

It’s available to see in the 360°VR tour so check it out!