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Over 3,300 ㎡ of Office Space in Shibuya

【Part Two】 Large-scale stylish office in Shibuya

This 400 tsubo (about 1,322 square meters) office space has elements necessary for work such as a reception and working space, meeting rooms for each purpose. (3 floors in this building are going to be available so the total size is over 1,000 tsubo (about 3,305 square meters.))

When it comes to this scale of office space, the interior cost to be calculated as initial cost must be enormous.

We, Office Navi, introduce you this rare office space located in Shibuya which can dramatically reduce the cost of relocation.

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◆Office space① (about 1320 square meters)  [360°tour  no.2]

First of all, it is a three-piece set of reception, office and meeting room.


The entrance, more than any other space, gives the office its character and is the public face of the company. The credibility of company can be built only by elaborately designed space.

This interior design based on white color gives people a sincere and favorable impression.

Instead there are no features that stand out in the office space, this most important work space is such a spacious one. Wood-grain pillars give an accent to this space so it might be great to add interior decoration based on those.

It has six of meeting rooms which are small size and simple design.

There is also a large conference room available for a maximum of about 40 people.

Of course, it does not necessarily have to be used as a meeting room, so you can use it for many purposes.


◆Office space② (about 1320 square meters)  [360°tour  no.3]

Although reception is not established here, this office space has a lot of space that you can freely use.


① + ②, total is 800 tsubo (about 2640 square meters.) (Plus, if you add about 200 tsubo of another floor (it’s also for rent now in this building.), you can rent 1,000 tsubo (about 3300 square meters)!


Although I said it so many times, it is extremely rare that such a large vacancy comes around Shibuya station. It is a big chance for companies which are planning to relocate to Shibuya on a scale of several hundred people.



There are surprisingly many companies that “activation of communication” has been raised as an issue. Even by simply providing such a sofa, more people gather there.

Because the backrest of sofa is high, it is a space where you don’t have to worry about the eyes of someone working near around and you even can have simple meetings.

The refreshment space where vending machines and refrigerators are placed right now (these are not included in the contract.) seems to be active at breaks and lunch time.

This room used to be “Game Room” which has many manga books and game, which is just like friend’s house. It is up to you how to use this space.


Please check the 360°tour , you can see another floor of 200 tsubo (about 660 square meters.)