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SOHO for Start-up in Japan


If you are thinking about starting / expanding your business in Japan, SOHO would be an option for you!

As you may already know, SOHO is used as an abbreviated word of “Small Office Home Office”in the real estate industry. We often use its word as one of the types of office space.SOHO type literally can be used for an office and a residence. 


If you are in these situations,for instance,

・You are going to start your business all by yourself.

・You have to get a place for working and living coinstantaneously.

・You don’t want to be pressed for time and place.

・You want to save the cost.

・You only need small space for business.          …etc, SOHO type would suit you !




Here is some examples of SOHO type.


Size : 59.13 sqm
Location : Meguro (目黒), Meguro ward

It is located at residential street in Meguro. (just 5 minutes walk from Megro Stn.)

The space for rent is duplex so the ceiling hight is so high and gives open feeling.



Size : 80.69 sqm
Location : Jingumae (神宮前), Shibuya ward

It is located in a relaxing residential area

even though it is near busy area like Harajuku (原宿) and Omotesando (表参道)!

The equipments for residence are set enough.


((Depending on the condition of property, it is unable to apply corporation registration.))


Feel free to contact us anytime if you are interested in SOHO !!!