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Excellence in our services

OFFICE NAVI is Japan’s one of the largest websites for finding rental offices.
Let us help you with your company’s office establishment or relocation in Japan.

Served 5,000 domestic cases in total


Since our establishment in 2002, we have been specialized in rental office business.
We have successfully matched over 3,000 companies with their offices so far,
and today, we serve about 1,000 office relocations per year.
In total, we served over 5,000 cases since the start of our business,
which proved us to be one of the best rental office agencies in Japan.
We promise to give customers our best to achieve our mission
– “Offering better connection between people and offices”.

Standardized Seismic Isolation


All of our listings are seismic isolated buildings.
Many of the companies that are considering a new launch or relocation of their offices in Japan concern about a risk of frequently having natural disasters like earthquakes.
However, offices we list meet the safety requirements and standards so our customers don’t need to worry.

Bilingual staffs available


Don’t speak Japanese? Not to worry, We have English-speaking staffs to help you.

We’ll contact you within 30mins


We provide “Fast, Accurate and Sincere” service for all inquiries from our valued customers.
According to your inquiry, our professional representative will obtain the information such as availability of the rooms and appointment for preview, then contact you within 30 minutes.
Note: Applicable weekdays only. Inquiries submitted during weekend are responded on the next business day.
Feel free to ask any questions regarding our rental offices. It’s our pleasure to help.