Empire Building


Security deposit
Location 2-2-1, Hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Empire Building
Access 1 mins walk from Hatchōbori Sta
┗ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line

4 mins walk from Kayabachō Sta
┗ Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line | Tokyo Metro Tozai Line

8 mins walk from Takaracho Sta
┗ Toei Asakusa Line

12 mins walk from Tokyo Sta
┗ JR Tokaido Main Line|JR Yamanote Line|JR Yokosuka Line|JR Chūō Main Line (Tokyo-Shiojiri)|JR Chūō(Rapid)|JRSōbu Main Line|JR Takasaki Line|JR Keiyo Line|JR Narita Express|JR Keihin-Tohoku Line|Ueno–Tokyo Line

Completion 2017/09 Property code O-02039886-001
新築/中古 計測方式
バルコニー 向き
No. of stories Structure SC
Floor plan
取引態様 現況
Facilities & conditions Fiber optics telecommunication Elevator Men and Women restroom ◆4 Elevators  ◆Raised floor(100mm)

Currently Listed

Floor Size Total Rent (excl.tax) Guarantee Fee Availability
4F 629.1m2 ASK ASK Under construction
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