Kyobashi Edogrand


Security deposit
Location 2-1, kyobashi 2-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Kyobashi Edogrand
Access 5 mins walk from Tokyo Sta
┗Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line|JR Tokaido Line (Tokyo - Atami)|JR Yamanote Line|JR Yokosuka Line|JR Chuo Line(Tokyo - Shiojiri)|JR Chuo Line (Rapid Service)|JR Sobu Line|JR Takasaki Line|JR Keiyo Line|JR Narita Express|JR Keihin-Tohoku Line|Ueno-Tokyo Line

1 mins walk from Kyobashi Sta
┗ Tokyo Metro Ginza-Line

3 mins walk from Takaracho Sta
┗ Toei Asakusa-Line

5 mins walk from Ginza 1-chome Sta
┗ Tokyo Metro Yurakucho-Line

8 mins walk from Nihonbashi Sta
┗ Tokyo Metro Ginza-Line|Tokyo Metro Tozai-Line|Toei Asakusa-Line
Completion 2016/10 Property code O-02037317-029
新築/中古 計測方式
バルコニー 向き
No. of stories 32 floors  3 (basement) Structure SC
Floor plan
取引態様 現況
Facilities & conditions Air conditioning Fiber optics telecommunication Security system Elevator Parking Seismic isolation Men and Women restroom ◆New quake-resistance standards ◆Seismic isolated structure ◆Ceiling height 2.9m ◆Building 24hrs available ◆Raised floor 100mm ◆1 tenant per floor ◆7 Elevators ◆Directly connected from the station ◆Available for shops ◆Eco/Environmentally Friendly bldg ◆Flat parking lot ◆Automated multi-story parking lot

Currently Listed

Floor Size Total Rent ( Guarantee Fee Availability
26F 2714.21 m2 Ask Ask immediately
25F 466.36 m2 Ask Ask immediately
25F 890.72 m2 Ask Ask immediately
25F 1357.08 m2 Ask Ask immediately
19F 466.36 m2 Ask 12 months immediately


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